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Brick is just so adorable!!

You gotta problem with my wind chimes?


The Middle Frankie and Rita Face Off

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Did you know that Chuck Is portrayed by Greg Sipes who is also the voice of Beast Boy in Teen Titans! I am such a fan of him!

I'll rain fire on your house!

About ME 🐱[]

Hello! I'm Raven and I'm a HUGE Middle, and Warriors fan, and I love this Wiki a lot! My favorite characters are Rita Glossner, Big Mike, and Brick because they're awesome. I love creating pages. Here's a list of a few: Chuck , Polyurithane Cow , The Snow Globe, Brick Heck/Quotes,Lexie Brooks/Gallery, Kenny,The Oven Quilt,The Death Napkin, Orson Quarry, Smile Superstars, The Blue Snack Bag, East Indiana State, The Frugal Hoosier, The Winnebago, The Bin, Role of a Lifetime, The Setup, Thanksgiving IX, Pete, The Donahues,Eyes Wide Open, etc. Unfourtunately, i had to get a new account, but it's okay!