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Toasted is the fifteenth episode of season nine and aired on February 27, 2018.


Frankie takes Sue to a bar to celebrate her 21st birthday; Mike begrudgingly accompanies Brick to a "Planet Nowhere" convention; Axl and Hutch drive to attend Kenny's wedding.


When Brick and Mike get to a long line at Planet Nowhere-Con, Mike tells Brick that they should go home; Brick texts Frankie, who texts Mike to just stand in line. Meanwhile, Axl and Hutch talk about how it's strange that Kenny is already getting married. Sue and Frankie arrive at the bar to get their 21st birthday drinks, and Frankie goes over how to drink responsibly. Brick orders fries and then throws them at the wall as a Planet Nowhere ritual, angering Mike. He also denies Brick an expensive souvenir cup, causing Frankie to call Mike and tell him to treat Brick as he would Axl. Sue is now shown to have been given free drinks from an assortment of people, and although Frankie tries to make her layer in between, she quickly begins drinking excessively. But as Sue and Frankie leave to "kiss the dragon" (an East Indie tradition), they run into Aidan.

Axl and Hutch realize that their failure to prepare a toast may be worse than they thought, as Kenny tells them that there will be 600 people at the wedding. As Aidan is walking the two home, Sue runs frantically away, and runs into Sean, and the two of them walk them home. Mike and Brick are now back home, arguing because Brick didn't want to leave yet. After Brick tattles to Frankie again, Mike tries to punish him but fails to find something worth taking away from him. Eventually, he remembers the microfiche and breaks one of the irreplaceable bulbs. Axl and Hutch read back their terrible draft of the speech, but then ask what they would say at each others' weddings. They both say heartwarming speeches about each other, causing both of them to tear up. Aidan, Sean, Sue, and Frankie arrive back home, where Sue drunkenly professes her love to Sean. When Aidan goes to throw up (because when he sees people throwing up, he has to), Sean asks if she is talking about him or Aidan, and she falls asleep.

Axl and Hutch arrive at the wedding to discover that all guests are simply on a group call, and there are only a few people actually in-person for the wedding. The next morning, Sue breaks up with Aidan. Frankie then teaches Sue how to deal with a hangover. Brick convinces Mike to return to the convention, where Mike attempts to find a replacement light bulb.


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Episode connections[]

  • Sue says "and so on and so forth and what have you", which references the episode "Wheel of Pain".
  • This is the second time Brick has went to Planet Nowhere-Con, the firs being in "Flirting with Disaster".