The Wind Chimes is the 19th episode of the 5th season of The Middle.


Rita Glossner puts up wind chimes, which annoys Frankie and leads to a confrontation. Brick obsesses over coming up with a new pretzel product, after hearing a prompt for customer suggestions when he calls the 1-800 number on the box. Axl and Hutch try to move an old couch into their dorm room, thinking it will be good for an apartment they plan to get next semester. Sue announces that she is dating Darrin again.


Brick tells Mike that the amount of salt specks on a pretzel has gone low, and decides to tell the company via the phone about it. But when he learns that the company accepts ideas for a new product, he is determined to think of something great. Trouble has also come to Orson when Rita Glossner returns with wind chimes. Frankie begs her to take them down, after they start to be annoying. Mike doesn't seem to care about the chimes until Frankie gets him riled up about it. Meanwhile, Sue announces she and Darrin are a thing again, which concerns Frankie and Mike, mostly because Darrin invites Sue to a toddler party. Mike tells Sue she can't go, much to her dismay. He really didn't care if she went, but Frankie convinced him to tell her no. Eventually, Mike goes to the Glossner house to the wind chimes down after he can't take them anymore, only to be attacked by Rita. Mike tells Frankie what happened in a frustrated tone, later stating she riles him up about everything. They made up, and Sue continued to date Darrin. The pretzel company sends Brick a pretzel coupon to thank him for his suggestion, and everything turns out well when the Glossner kids destroy the wind chimes by themselves.

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