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The Wedding is the twenty-fourth episode of season three, and last episode of the season.


Rusty's wedding invitation arrives at the Heck house, and, to Frankie and Mike's surprise, it lists their house as the site of the ceremony. Axl and his friends decide to find summer jobs by starting their own company. Brick finally accepts a fellow student's invitation to a party, but Mike nixes that when he finds out, it's on the same day as the wedding.


The Heck family has been invited to a wedding. Actually, the Heck family has been invited to "host" a wedding. Mike's brother, Rusty, is getting married to Marlene Ludlow. According to the invitation, the wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place at Casa de Heck. Frankie is freaking out. She has one week to get the house in shape. No problem. Wait, that's a huge problem!

Mike doesn't want Frankie to make a big deal about the wedding. The problem is that his wife doesn't want others to see how they really live. Frankie puts Sue and Brad on cake duty. The kids are also tasked with getting a new light bulb for the front porch. As for the rest of the house, there's simply no way it'll be ready come wedding day. Evidence of this can be seen in all the peeling wallpaper in the living room.

Brick is bummed that the wedding is on the same day as the big party thrown by cute biter girl Haley. There's even going to be a bookmobile at the bash! Brick's plans to skip the wedding are thwarted by his parents. He vows to stop speaking to them forever as soon as he thinks of the perfect haunting final word to utter.

Axl and his pals agree to be their own bosses for their summer jobs. They start their own business. Their company is called Boss Co. Their first job is to remove a huge tree stump from a neighbor's front yard. Too bad they have no idea how to do this. Despite their best-misguided efforts, the stump just won't budge.

Mike learns Rusty's fiancée has a couple of teenage kids. He's somewhat offended as his brother seems to think he suddenly knows what it's like to be a father. In other news, Sue knows that the bakery clerk's hamburger cake is trying to pawn off her simply won't fly for a wedding, so she fights for a new one. She's crushed when all Frankie can focus on is the fact that she never got the porch light bulb.

The wedding guests are due to arrive any minute. The house is a mess. Sue is in tears. Frankie is panicked. Mike assures her that everything will be fine. We almost believe him until Axl accidentally screeches his car all over the front lawn. It's the result of another ill-advised stump removal effort.

Rusty marries his new love in the backyard in front of friends and family. Best man Mike is asked to give a speech during the reception. He hands off one of his two beers to grab the microphone. Mike seems to be descending down a dark road about the hardships of being part of a family. In truth, his message is all about the rewards that it offers. Later, Frankie and Mike take a good look around as those they love dance the night away. Suddenly, their house, make that their home, looks pretty great.