CommOppHead GuidelinesAndRules

The Middle Wiki guidelines and rules are as follows


  • Collaborate
  • Read the Editing Guidelines
  • Practice open-mindedness & assume good faith. 
  • Spread kindness
  • Welcome new users
  • Share the wiki
  • Ask for help


Spam or Vandalise

Delebertly damage or delete content contributed by the community. 

1st Offence: 3 Month User Ban 

2nd Offence: Permanent IP Ban & User Ban

Bully or Troll 

Bulling or Trolling is not tollerated as part of wikia's user Terms of Use and will not be tollerated on The Middle Wiki

1st Offence: Permanent Ban & Repot to wikia


  • These guidelines and rules are based off of wikia's example guidelines. 
  • Admins of The Middle Wiki may change the guidelines and rules at any time. 
  • Users will recive a block notification on thier message wall explaning thier ban.
  • Users may contest a ban by messaging a admin or replying to a block notifacation.
  • Banned users will never be blocked from using messeging funtinalty unless in extreme circimstances.

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