CommOppHead EditingGuidelines.png Please read over these key points before editing. This is to keep our wiki clean & tidy. If you have any suggestions to change these gidelines please contact JarHead37 .

Charecter Pages

A Good Example of a character Page is Tag Spence


  • Have all basic information listed
  • Family listed and linked
  • Portrayer linked to wikipedia article on actor/actress.
  • Have quotes & gallery Pages linked

First Paragraph

  • Summarise most points in Infobox
  • Contan a brief description on characters roll and life

Sub Sections

Sub Sections for a Character Page (In Order Shown) 

  • Physical Appearance 
  • Personality
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • List of Appearances & Mentions (For non main characters eg: Janet
  • Gallery (Seperate Page)
  • Quotes (Seperate Page)
  • Trivia 


  • Always Include a Infobox
  • Never make up fake information
  • Try and reference episodes as sources 
  • Keep it Simple

What we are aiming for is articles like the Jay Pritchett page on the Modern Family Wiki , A Affilate Wiki of ours. We are also cleaning our Charecter Pages at the moment to unify them all and create a better wiki.  

Episode Pages

A Good Example of a Episode Page is Forced Family Fun


  • Have season and episode number
  • Have all basic information listed
  • Date Formated as November 14, 2012 not DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY
  • Linked to previous and next episode (Please don't quotate or italicise episode links) 


  • Brief description of events in the episode


  • Recap the whole story of the episode


Video clips from the episode should be added to a gallery using the following style code: <gallery widths="160" bordersize="none" columns="dynamic" hideaddbutton="true">

Quotes Pages

  • Quotes should be sorted by episode

Gallery Pages

  • Needs to be split into 3 sections Gifs, Promotional Photos & Episode Photos
  • Gallery must have <gallery widths="200" bordercolor="transparent" captionalign="center" position="center" hideaddbutton="true"> as styling code
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