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The Graduate is the twentyforth and final episode of Season 6. It aired on May 13, 2015.


Due to errors in her yearbook, being denied her perfect attendance cords, and numerous other incidents, Sue is distraught that she won't be leaving behind any "footprint" at Orson High. But the entire senior class comes through with a huge surprise at her graduation: every single page in Sue's yearbook is signed, with compliments and well-wishes for her. Meanwhile, Axl worries about Devin going back to Idaho for the summer, especially when he sees a photo on Instagram where she is being held by other guys. Devin comes to Indiana to surprise Axl and reveals the guys she was hanging out with were only her brothers. Also, Brick learns that he has an opportunity to skip eighth grade next year and go directly to high school, leaving Frankie and Mike wondering if their youngest son is mature enough to go to high school.