The Clover is the twenty-second episode of season three.


Brick finds a not so lucky four-leaf clover. Frankie decides it's time to find someone to help Aunt Edie. Axl does it again, he accidentally asks the wrong Ashley to the prom but, even worse, Darrin asks Sue to the prom. Big Mike thinks Mike's too soft on Brick which doesn't set well with Mike.


Axl is bummed that he's stuck taking Weird Ashley to the prom. He'd much rather go with Emily Anderson. Axl decides Sean should take Emily to the big dance to keep her away from other guys until he becomes available. It's the perfect plan! What's not so perfect is the fact that Darrin just asked Sue to the prom. Needless to say, Axl is not happy.

Things start looking up for Axl when Weird Ashley informs him that someone else will now be taking her to the prom. Unfortunately, he can't go with Emily because she and Sean are now an item. That's cool. The Ax-man will go stag. The plan is to hook up with whichever hottie gets dumped by her date at the big dance.

As the prom goes on, Sue and Darrin dance the night away. In other news, Operation: Rebound doesn't really work out for Axl until he hears that someone in the restroom just got the heave-ho by her date. Turns out it's Weird Ashley. Tears are streaming down her face. Axl has no choice but to give her a genuine shoulder to cry on.

After Aunt Edie almost sets her house on fire, Frankie believes she needs someone other than Doris the diaper-wearing dog to watch over her. She interviews some possible candidates. An eclectic, scary crew of prospective caregivers answers her ad. None of them will work. Finally, one woman seems to be the perfect choice. Too bad she can't stand being around anyone who smokes.

Big Mike is taking the Heck's old dishwasher to add to his collection. Brick picks up a tick on his neck during the pick-up. Mike takes exception to his dad's attitude about his own fathering. He basically tells Big Mike he has no room to criticize since he did such a lousy job as a dad. This leads to an awkward goodbye. As for Brick, he's still panicked about that tick in his neck. On the bright side, he did find a four-leaf clover which will hopefully improve his luck.

Brick's clover doesn't seem to be doing its job. He learns that the library is closing due to budget cuts. He believes the clover is cursed, yet he can't seem to get rid of it. Brick asks Frankie to give the librarian, who he calls Grandma Dot, a ride home. The woman has lots of free time on her hands now that the library has closed. Once Dot mentions she's a smoker, Frankie gets the bright idea to ask her to take care of Aunt Edie.

Mike tries his best to apologize to his dad, but the two men end up getting into another big fight. It culminates with the two of them challenging Brick to use some dangerous power tools. It's an absurd turn of events. It's so absurd that Brick realizes the clover may not be the source of his curse. It's more likely due to genetics.

Brick now wants to keep his lucky clover. Unfortunately, he loses it at Big Mike's place. His dad helps him look for it. Grandpa Big Mike also gets in on the action. It's nothing he would have ever done for his own son in the old days. That's cool. He's doing it for him now.

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