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The Bridge is the twenty-third episode of season two.


Frankie and Mike force Brick to confront his fear of crossing bridges, while Axl competes with a fellow classmate for a job.


Brick has always had an irrational fear of going over the Shady Lake Bridge. The means the family must race through the back roads if they have any chance of making it to the half-price all-you-can-eat tater bar before the special ends. The speeding ticket Mike gets on the way makes this an extremely expensive value meal.

Frankie takes a crack at getting her son to make the great journey over water. Nothing works. Brick makes a compelling case for not crossing the bridge. If the thing collapses, they'll be trapped inside the car until someone finds their bloated bodies which will be hard to identify after fish eat out their eyeballs. Told ya it was compelling. Mike's efforts to make Brick cross the bridge are also met with supreme resistance.

Frankie spins their failure at the bridge into a parental victory. Brick isn't stubborn. He's a confident, independent young man who thinks for himself and trusts his own instincts. Sounds good to us! Nevertheless, Frankie and Mike try one more time to go over that bridge. They actually cruise across during an argument without even realizing it. Too bad Brick hopped out of the back seat before they left.

The local pool is opening soon. An emotional, hormonal Sue needs a new bathing suit. Frankie tries to support her during a trying trying-on session inside the store dressing room. Dozens of swimsuits are cast aside as Sue can't seem to find the perfect two-piece. It's only after the saleswoman says she looks adorable that Sue finally deems one suit suitable for summer.

There's a job opening for a lifeguard at the pool. Axl's competition includes Bob and pal Sean. The thing about Sean is, well, he's a Donahue. That's the family everybody envies. Well, the Hecks envy them. Axl and Sean battle it out for that coveted position. It's coveted because it gives them a bird's eye view of babes in bikinis. Oh, and they also want to save lives. At the end of the competition, Axl gets the gig. Woo hoo!

The community pool finally opens, but Sue refuses to take off her shirt to show off her new swimsuit. She does give a friend a sneak peek at her shoulder strap though. As for Axl, the lifeguard job isn't exactly what he had in mind. Kids are running rampant while paying no regard to his whistle. He tells Frankie that she has no idea what it's like dealing with children who don't listen. Actually, she has some idea.

Six months pass and Brick finally makes his way across that bridge. There was no particular reason behind the incredible journey. It was just time. Of course, it'll probably take another six months before he's ready to cross the bridge in a car.