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The Award is the fourteenth episode of Season 5. It aired on February 26, 2014.


Mike gets an award for working at the quarry for twenty years but is reluctant to go. Sue attempts to hold a "Helping Hands" event, where classmates will hold hands around the school. When that fails, she organizes "Mix-it-up Monday", where students from different groups are assigned seats at lunch to get to know their classmates. This works out well for Brad and Carly, who meet new friends, but not so much for Sue. Meanwhile, Axl finds a strange voicemail on his phone left by an apparently drunk young lady, and he covers the campus trying to find the girl that sent it. Eventually, his ex-girlfriend Cassidy calls to say it was her, and the episode ends with them talking again. At home, the air conditioner will not shut off. Darrin arrives to repair it, and he and Sue realize they are both single.