Season 2

A Simple Christmas

"Anyone notice I grew antlers?"

"There you are! I was beginning to think you didn't want to see me!"

"I think I can get Mike to do the skit this year."

Season 3

Thanksgiving III

"I can go with you."

"Hey, Mike!"

"They've gone crazy!"

Season 4

Thanksgiving IV

"I don't think she likes me."

Season 5

The Drop Off

"That reminds me of a story."

Thanksgiving VI

"I'm throwing you balls and you're wiffling!"

"I gambled away all our cruise money"

"Remember that story you were telling me, Mike about that honeymoon couple that got lost on a cruise and all they found was a flip-flop?"

Season 6

Flirting with Disaster

Mike: You should stop

Tag: Yeah, it's getting late

Mike: No, you should stop, like for forever

"If you don't help me, I'll fail my driver's test!"

From Orson With Love

"I put this together so that you could hear my stories anytime!"

"I was thinking we could come here every Tuesday and talk"

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