Tag Spence is Frankie's father in The Middle. His exact birthday is unknown but is assumed to be some time near 1940 making him 75 years old. Throughout the show, Tag is often only seen interacting with Mike and Pat.



Mike says Tag is annoying and they don't get along well atleat in Mike's view. In Tag's perspective Mike is a good person to call on for assistance and to back him up at any time. In the episode Two of a KindUncle Dutch who is Tag's brother is invited to the Heck house to stay with Tag & the family while the two sort out some past issues. When Tag learns that Uncle Dutch is in better shape than he is he says he is helping mike while actually covering for himself.

In the episode From Orson with Love Tag invites Mike to Stuckey's weekly to share his wisdom to the next generation. This annoys Mike who's time is extremely limited but Tag enjoys this time.


The true relation between Pat and Tag is unknown but it is assumed they no longer get along so well. In most episodes the two are seen arguing. In the episode Thanksgiving V Tag tells Mike that he has blown away the pairs savings that they were putting towards a vacation on online poker. Initially this annoys Pat but it is mostly forgotten about when Pat owns up to not cancelling her Weight Watchers account for over 20 years after she stopped using the service.

Personality & Appearance

Tag is a male possibly within his Late 60's or Early to Mid 70's. He has blue eyes, a wrinkled face with a tall nose and gray hair.


Tag's Character is seen in the following episodes:

Season 2

Episode 10 - A Simple Christmas

Season 3

Episode 10 - Thanksgiving III

Season 4

Episode 8 - Thanksgiving IV

Episode 21 - From Orson with Love

Season 5

Episode 1 - The Drop Off (Voice Appearance Only)

Episode 7 - Thanksgiving V

Season 6

Episode 16 - Flirting with Disaster

Episode 21 - Two of a Kind

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