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"You Know what they say: April potatoes bring May potatoes!" []

-One of Spudsy's slogans

Spudsy's is the former workplace of Brick, Sue and Axl Heck. It is a fast food potato place in the Pioneer Galaxy Mall in Orson, Indiana.


  • The ingredients in the secret sauce are basil, onions, oil, garlic, emulsifier, and ranch dressing.
  • The manager is named Edwin, who is a year younger than Sue at Orson High School.
  • The cheese contains only 20% real dairy.
  • It is next to another fast food place called The Great Hot Dog Adventure, where Brad works.
  • There is a potato of the week. When Sue first got her job, it was the tuna and cheese potato, followed by Thai Shrimp delight the following week.
  • Spudsy's is a chain, with another location being seen in Thanksgiving IX.