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Orville "Rusty" Heck is the brother of Mike Heck and son of Big Mike Heck. He was known to be lazy and drunk; and he smokes a lot of the time and commits to things which never does. He is portrayed by Norm MacDonald.


Thanksgiving II

The Play

The Wedding

Christmas Help

Heck on a Hard Body

Operation Infiltration

Risky Business

The Wisdom Teeth

Hoosier Maid

Guess Who's Coming to Frozen Dinner

In Thanksgiving II, Mike forgot to invite his brother Rusty and Frankie wants Mike to invite him to Thanksgiving. Mike goes over to Rusty's who's house is burned down. Rusty tells him that he fell asleep smoking a cigarette. He was sleeping in a tent in his yard. Mike invited him to stay for Thanksgiving and offered him to stay there. Rusty didn't want to be a bother (Big Mike's line), but Mike insisted.

Mike, Rusty, and Big Mike Heck were on the couch watching TV without conversation. Frankie wanted Mike to get all 3 of them to talk. Mike and Frankie decided since Rusty doesn't have a place to stay and Big Mike needs somebody to take care of him, Rusty should move back in with dad. They didn't want to do that. Frankie was on her phone with her mother, who couldn't come for Thanksgiving, and Frankie said she loved her.

Rusty told her that was nice. Frankie knew he was calling out for love he didn't get from his father. She told this to Mike and wanted Mike to tell him he loves his dad so his dad would do the same to Rusty. Mike didn't want to. When there was no conversation at the dinner table, Mike admitted that he loves his dad. When they were leaving, Rusty offered to help his dad, and Big Mike offered him to stay. Rusty hugged Mike before leaving.

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