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Reverend Timothy Thomas, commonly known as Reverend Tim Tom (also spelt TimTom or Tim-Tom; born 1967-1970) is a youth minister who Sue deeply admires. He was the leader and guitarist of Sue's youth support group. He sings songs about God that relates to how hard it is being a teen. Sue tried to raise money at the Heck's backyard BBQ to keep Reverend Tim Tom at the church, but only raised $6.13. He surprised Sue by remembering her name after only having met her twice, and always seems to appear just as Sue needs help the most. He is known for frequently playing his acoustic guitar and making almost anything into a song. The Heck family invited Reverend Tim Tom to dinner at their house when Axl needed to make a right decision. Everybody was asking him questions and Sue wanted to talk to him but couldn't. He played his guitar while Axl played his electric guitar on one occasion when encouraging him to do the right thing and take this girl he accidently asked out to the prom that he doesn't want to. Reverend Tim Tom talked to Sue before leaving.

He has a girlfriend, Reverend Tammy, who also sings and plays guitar spontaneously.

He is portrayed by Paul Hipp.