Orlando is the twentythird episode and first part of the Season 5 finale. It aired on May 21, 2014.


Sue counts down the days until the Hecks depart on their road trip to Walt Disney World after she won it at the contest in the previous episode: she should've won a car, but the prize was actually a car trip to Disney World. Frankie and Mike strive to make this trip better than ones in the past. Brick begs his parents to take a detour to North Carolina so he can meet his online "girlfriend", while Axl anxiously awaits the posting of his final grades as a college freshman.


Sue keeps reminding the family of how many days away the trip is and has made a huge pre-scrapbook of the trip. Axl, after some major stressing for him, gets all Bs in his classes, meaning that his parents must keep up their end of the lame agreement and not talk to him for the rest of the summer, though that doesn't work as it shouldn't. In the meantime, before the family can even leave, Brick insists on going to North Carolina to visit his girlfriend, a girl he met online while playing an online game. He doesn't get distracted, unlike Frankie, and talks at length on why they should make the trip and finally, mostly just to get him to shut up, the parents give in. The family still doesn't trust Sue driving but Mike accepts, with disappointment coming from his family. When they are at the fast food restaurant, trying to order, Sue can't get out of the place and she ends up to ruin the driver side door, blocking it. Mike yells at her and she moves to the passenger sit crying. Then Mike drives to North Carolina only to know that Brick forgot to tell the family that he broke up with Tanya the night before, just as they pull up to her house. Tanya lives in a trailer park and even has her own dirt pile. Yes, and that's what she shows Brick. Frankie tries to make sure that Tanya's family doesn't think that they are beneath the trailer park family, saying that they only won the trip and that their washer doesn't even work properly. And Sandy, Tanya's mother, can't believe the family drove out of their way just to visit, even though they were totally looking forward for the young children to meet each other. But then Frankie spills the beans and admits that the two broke up yesterday over a misunderstanding in the game and Sandy gets really mad, accessing the Hecks of catfishing them, which is, ironically, what the Hecks had thought earlier. But it ends happily, with the two at least temporarily forgetting their fight as Tanya kisses Brick. When they arrive in Orlando and they are giving their tickets to an employer, they find out Sue actually won tickets to DisneyLand, in California, and they drove to Florida instead. 

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