Lexie Heck (née Brooks) is Axl Heck’s Wife and Sue's college roommate and best friend who, like Sue, fails to get accepted by any of the sororities at school. She later becomes Sue's dorm mate, until Sue discovers that she's too poor to keep up with Lexie's spending habits. Sue is ready to move out, until Lexie decides to stop spending money to save their friendship. Lexie is portrayed by Daniella Bobadilla.


Lexie Brooks is shown to be a very sweet and nice person. She is well liked by Sue, and the two have a very close friendship. Lexie comes from a wealthy family, and can be oblivious towards the lifestyle of the middle class (when she stayed at the Heck's during spring break, she complimented the convenience of their tiny home, saying 'To get to my kitchen, you have to pass two hallways and the Great Room', she bought an expensive gift for the family for their 'decorative candies' and she asked Sue where to leave her clothes for the maid.) Lexie develops feelings for Sean Donahue, to the dismay of Sue and Axl. However, she is unsure about her feelings towards Sean because he's just all the other guys she;s dated: too perfect. She wants someone who doesn't have his life figured out yet. Later, to Sue's horror, she develops very strong feelings towards Axl. She is currently dating Axl Heck as of The Par-tay. She and Axl said their first “I Love You”’s in Mommapalooza. In the Series Finale, she and Axl get married and have three boys that behave similar to himself as a teenager and a 4th child on the way together. Her parents are Tammy and Bennett Brooks.


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