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Leap Year is the eighteenth episode of season three.


Sue's birthday is February 29 and, since this year is a leap year, she has high hopes for a big celebration that never comes. Frankie finds out that tough guy Mike has befriended a stray cat at work. While Brick becomes enamored with a cute girl at school, Axl is spellbound by the vacuum cleaner.


Sue is very excited about her leap year birthday. This momentous event only comes around every four years. That's why Sue wants a surprise party. Frankie assures her that's not going to happen. Of course, this only leads Sue to believe that a covert gala is in the works. Sadly, it's not.

A new person is joining Brick's social skills group. Her name is Haley. That's right. It's a girl! All the boys go gaga over this little cutie. Brick and Frankie are thinking this seemingly normal little lady could be the victim of a clerical error. As it turns out, Haley likes to bite. In other words, she fits right in with her male misfit counterparts.

Brick and the boys panic when budget cuts threaten to dismantle the social skills program. They need to take action if there's any chance of keeping Haley around. Frankie suggests they have a car wash. Brick assigns her to be the point person on the project. Things go south fast when Brick tries to steal Haley away for a snack break. Frankie has no choice but to hose off all the pint-size rioters.

Mike has been MIA for most of the week. That's because he's been caring for a sick cat at the quarry. His name is Limestone. Mike's had him for seven years. Frankie can't believe this is the first she's hearing of it. She thinks her hubby is hurting after the cat dies in his arms. Mike won't admit this, though. He'd rather get a haircut.

Axl is so bored that the only thing he can do for fun is vacuum the house. The kid turns out to be a wizard with all those attachments. In other news, Mike becomes very upset when he learns his regular barber has moved to another salon. He vows to stop loving things—even the Colts!

Frankie wakes up in the middle of the night when she realizes they forgot to celebrate Sue's leap year birthday. She gets her daughter up for an impromptu party. Amazingly, Sue is overjoyed with all the last-minute gifts and slapped-together birthday cake she receives. It's the best leap year birthday ever!

Sue's eternal optimism is infectious. Frankie lets Brick know that the fact that he likes a girl is very social. With any luck, Haley will bite him someday soon. As for Mike, he's not done loving things after all. That's good news for the stray cat that just wandered into his office.