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Rita (middle) and her sons

The Glossner family lives at the end of the block in the Heck's neighborhood. Bill, the first husband of mother Rita Glossner, was a drug addict. They are shown to be slobs and often leave many of their belongings in their yard or around their house.

The family consists of Rita Glossner and her children; four sons, Derrick, Wade, Rodney, Donald Wayne (also known as "Diaper"), and one daughter known only as "Girl Glossner."

The first episode they appeared in was The Neighbor. Their dog is terrorizing the neighborhood, but Rita doesn't seem to care, as she says it is her ex-husband's dog.

In The Hose, Rita accuses Frankie Heck of stealing her hose. When Frankie says she didn't do it, Rita spits, throws a can of beer on the ground, and threatens to terrorize them if she doesn't get "her" hose back. She does not accept a hose Frankie gives her, saying it is not hers. When Frankie says it's her own, since Rita said she doesn't want it, and tries to take it, Rita says it belongs to her, and they get in a tugging match over it, and the end sprayer hits Frankie in the face and chips her tooth.

Rita's youngest son, a boy still in diapers, has been seen on multiple occasions riding his bike around the neighborhood and coming home at late times. If his mother asks him where he's been, he refuses to tell her. His catchphrase is "None of your damn business!" In the episode The Christmas Miracle, he single-handedly went on a vandalism spree of Christmas decorations throughout the neighborhood, including an inflatable snowman installed on the Heck household by Mike.

Though Rita says her boys are "well-behaved" and "angels," they never seem to live up to this, often trashing up their neighbors' yards by tearing out plants and littering, stealing, swearing, and running around whenever they want wherever they want. Rita herself has also been seen stealing and throwing beer cans and other objects into her neighbors' yards.

The Glossners live at 418 Birchwood Avenue, Orson, Indiana.


  • They first appeared in the episode, The Neighbor.
  • The actors portraying the sons have changed a few times.
  • Rita also has a daughter named "Girl" who so far has only appeared in The Kiss.
  • In Hecks vs Glossners: The Final Battle, it is shown that the Glossners have an extremely large extended family.