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Friends, Lies and Videotape is the fifteenth episode of season two.


Frankie intends to find a suitable friend for Brick; Sue sneaks into an R-rated movie with her friend Carly; Axl and his band covertly shoot footage of their biology teacher (Kristin Cavallari) for their music video.


After a captivating conversation about flying a kite as part of a Social Skills Pageant, Brick learns he's the only member of his group not moving up. His teacher thinks it may be because his parents don't play or interact with him at home. She says it would be a shame if he missed out on his childhood. Ouch.

Frankie is determined to make sure Brick has a memorable childhood. When attempts at some hula hoop and pogo stick fun fall flat, Frankie tries to show her youngest son the joys of skipping. Brick's not all that into lightly bounding down the block, but Frankie seems to be having a good enough time. The skipping really cleared her head. Now she can focus on Brick's desire to finally make a friend.

The great friend hunt is on. Frankie sets up a play date with a lonely young man named Gerald. She goes all out to make sure the boys have a good time together. Gerald says he had a blast. But then several days go by without so much as a phone call. Gerald's mom says her son's been sick. Frankie's pretty sure that's not true once she catches sight of the boy heading out of the house with a pair of rollerblades in hand.

Frankie decides to follow this liar mom and her suspiciously healthy son. Sadly, her suburban surveillance techniques need some work, as she crashes into liar mom's back bumper. Gerald's mom says the real reason they didn't call is that Frankie is a little scary. True, but it's a lovable kind of scary.

Frankie realizes she doesn't need to push the Gerald situation anymore when she sees that Brick's made a new friend all on his own. His name is Arlo, and he likes kites. Fortunately, that's one of the subjects Brick covered in his Social Skills class!

Axl and the Axmen are looking to make a music video to post on YouTube. They want their hot biology teacher Ms. Devereaux (guest star Kristin Cavallari), to star in the thing. Too bad Ms. D isn't all that fond of anything that objectifies and degrades women. Bummer.

Axl and his buddies secretly film their biology teacher with their cell phone cams. They score many usable moments, but they never get a shot of their star running toward the camera. So Darrin uses his mom as a substitute actress for the back half of the video. It probably would have worked if only the boys had given her time to put on her Spanx as she'd requested.

Sue desperately wants to see an R-rated movie. She makes a list of a hundred reasons why she should be allowed to go, but Mike isn't buying any of them. His little girl just isn't ready for something like that. End of discussion. But it's not the end of Sue's desire to see Rivers of Love starring Taylor Lautner. She and Carly dress like a couple of older career women and manage to sneak into the forbidden flick.

Mike wants to punish Sue for disobeying his orders. But he's never really had to discipline her before. Sue's always been such a great kid. Still, it's Mike's job as a dad to lay down the law. But his guilt-ridden daughter self-imposes sentences that go way beyond anything Mike could have thought up. Sue's on a guilty roll. She even fesses up to creating a giant hole in her bedroom wall. Mike can't really ground her for it. Sue's still too busy punishing herself. She's such a good kid.