Devin Levin is a character in Season 6-8 of The Middle and Axl's ex-girlfriend.


Devin Levin was introduced in Thanksgiving VI, where Axl was forced by Frankie to pick her up for their Thanksgiving dinner at a buffet, even though Axl was mean to her in the start, he began to like her.

Her second appearance was in The College Tour, where Axl had invited her to his first football game to impress her. When he fumbled in the game, Axl was worried she might not like him anymore, so he avoids her, up until Frankie says there is nothing to worry about. The two then begin talking to each other again.

Her third appearance was in Pam Freakin' Staggs, where Axl kept pestering and annoying her to get a date with her. They battled in games, but Devin was always better. At the end, Devin kissed him and they began their relationship.



Devin had a relationship with Axl Heck, which started with Axl being forced to pick her up from college for Thanksgiving. Initially, Axl loathes her presence but grows to like her. He then invited her to his football games, where he makes a major mistake in front of her and drops the ball. Eventually the two go out.

Axl had sex with Devin the night before Valentines Day, and he tells his family that he already "celebrated" Valentines Day last night with Devin. Mike gives him a thumbs up.


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