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Cynthia Violet "Cindy" Hornberger is a long time friend and girlfriend of Brick Heck. Characterized by her long hair, French Foreign Legion's hat, and personality quirks, she eventually becomes part of Brick's posse, hanging out with him and Troy. She gets invited to share Thanksgiving with him, but their relationship is threatened when Cindy reveals her parents are losing their house, forcing them to live with her grandmother a few more houses away from their current house. Brick later decides to break up with her (Vive la Hecks), but he later realizes he made a bad decision, and they get back together later in The 200th.


  • Cindy stands five feet and seven and a half inches tall.
  • It is suggested in the Season 7 episode Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death that she and Brick are married in the future with four kids and reaffirmed with Brick wearing a wedding ring at his book signing.
  • Her favourite food is shrimp[2]


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