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Cassidy Finch is a smart and quite cynical person, but she is friendly and has a good heart. She was Axl's tutor in season 4, when Axl realised he might not get into college by playing football after Sue runs over his foot with the car and he is out of football. So he would have to try and get into college based on his academic grade to earn a scholarship. Axl was mostly hitting on her at first, then kissed her, and they got into a relationship. They dated for a while before telling anyone, but their relationship came out in the open when Mike caught them kissing while Axl was supposed to be spending time with Mike and Frankie. They broke up at prom after realizing that they would break up eventually before college, as they would be a thousand miles away from each other. In season 5, Axl received a message on his phone, which made him try to find the girl who sent the message. In the end, It turned out to be Cassidy. They began talking, which led to a potential re-spark in their relationship.

Cassidy seemed to get on well with the rest of the Heck family, particularly Brick when she noticed him reading Planet Nowhere. And Mike admitted she seemed nice after he caught them kissing when Axle was supposed to be spending time with him and Frankie. Frankie probably liked her as she never complained about Cassidy, or showed any hate against her like she did with Morgan and April.


Season 4[]

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  • In Season 3, the actress Galadriel Stineman (who portrayed Cassidy) appeared in the episode Hecking Order as another student at Orson High called Lucy Howard. A girl who continuously kept making out with her boyfriend Steve Johnson in-front of Sue's locker. Blocking her from being able to get to her locker.
  • Cassidy is still often mentioned in newer episodes.
  • Cassidy was the first girl Axl properly loved and was involved with.
  • Cassidy hated high school as she thought all people ever seemed to do was go to "lame" parties.