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Carly with her hair straightened and no glasses.

Carly was Sue's best friend from Seasons 1-4. She began in season 1 as a geeky character, wearing glasses and braces. Her braces were removed mid-Season 1, and she became more popular as a result, Sue seemed to be jealous at times. From Season 2 onwards, Carly has since reverted back to a more geeky look. However, her friendship with Sue remained strong despite Carly's makeover. In season 3, she donned her old outfit, once again wearing braces and glasses. In more recent series, Carly has seemed to be fading Sue out a bit. In the episode From Orson with Love in season 4, Carly went to a sleepover that Sue wasn't invited to. Carly also went to an ice cream place with the girls from the sleepover and posted many pictures on Facebook, making Sue feel left out. This was where Frankie showed a disliking air towards Carly. Carly doesn't appear as much in season 5. Her last appearance was A Quarry Story from season 6 when Sue accidentally threw a party at the quarry. Sue and Brad caught Carly making out with a college student. When Sue lost her yearbook in The Graduate, she phoned Carly, but Carly was laughing at Sue being named Ana Hajarajanaan in the yearbook instead of "Sue Heck." Since then, Carly and Sue hadn't talked or kept in contact with each other when they went to different colleges.

In season 9, the show's final season, Carly reappeared in the episode New Year's Revelations. Carly shows up at the Heck's New Year's party, revealing that she now has a baby.


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