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Brick Ishmail Heck (born October 15, 2001) is the youngest child of Frankie and Mike Heck, characterized by his love for reading and oddities. He is also the younger brother of both Axl and Sue Heck.

Brick has developed obscure interests, such as his obsession with fonts, whispering to himself, and "whooping." These quirks, labeled "ticks" by his parents, are discussed among many of Brick's peers. Because of his ticks and other abnormalities, both Mike and Frankie are subjected to an annual visit with Brick's teacher to discuss his behavior.

Both Brick and his portrayer, Atticus Shaffer suffer from type IV Osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare genetic disorder directly affecting the skeletal system. Because his diagnosis is never directly stated in the show, it can be assumed that, for entertainment purposes, Brick does not actually suffer from the disorder but instead just maintains a short stature to go along with his unusual personality.


This happens when certain words catch his ear and he wants to hear them again, quieter. (But when he's attempting to keep things on the down low, the volume changes the other way: he repeats words aloud.) He is exceptionally smart, but is easily tired, leading him to procrastinate or just forget his homework assignments and other projects. He has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI, for short; Brick and his actor Atticus Shaffer both have OI type IV.) He tends to isolate himself from classmates. He acquired a certain tick where he shouts "Whoop!" in Bunny Therapy. Apparently he whoops when he lies as shown in The Hose. His parents Frankie and Mike call this "whooping". His quirks include obsessions with reading, unusual speech patterns, and difficulty fitting in with his peer group. In a few episodes, Brick was known to have an obscure interest in fonts and he has even created a blog based on fonts in one episode. He is portrayed by Atticus Shaffer. Brick's strangeness results in his parents, Frankie and Mike Heck, having to attend the annual talk with Brick's teacher. Frankie and Mike also have to attend his social group classes. In these situations, Frankie and Mike try to explain that Brick is not special or weird but in the end Frankie usually admits that he is special.

He always remember things he reads, such as how to repair a lawn-mower in The Block Party, due to having a eidetic memory. He is very awkward, and doesn't have many friends, but makes friends with a equally awkward boy called Arlo, but struggles to deal with him. Brick is also a brilliant speller and almost won the regionals but was disqualified by a strict judge when he whispered the last letter to himself. However, in his second year of the competition, he was eliminated in the first round of his local school competition by misspelling "Reindeer", with the classic mistake of spelling "Reindear".


Frankie and Mike Heck[]

Frankie and Mike are always trying to solve more important things than poor Brick. Mike and Frankie both have to attend a meeting with Brick's teacher every year about his quirkiness and attend his social group's meetings. Brick basically reads his life away, and Mike and Brick never get to bond. Mike got Brick into football by having him read up on facts and find his favorite 3-syllable words. Brick began to like football and knows tons of facts; Mike told him that if he could talk sports, he could talk to any guy in the world. Mike and Brick watching football made Axl jealous. When Mike had his buddies from the quarry over to watch the game, Brick talked too much and made them leave one by one. When Brick used the Father's Day coupons he made for Mike, he bothered Mike his whole vacation until Mike told Brick to leave him alone.

Axl Heck[]

Axl Heck is generally a terrible older brother towards Brick by doing things like farting in his face or anything else, but the two get a long quite as they both share a room together. There have been times where they have been shown to have a good relationship like at the end of the Season 4 episode From Orson with Love where Brick admits to Axl that he will miss him when he goes off to college, however, there have been some episodes where Axl antagonises Brick like in the Season 4 episode Twenty Years where Axl purposely spoils the ending for the book Brick is reading making him sad. It is revealed in Twenty Years that Brick has no people friends only books, making Axl regret his actions, however, Axl makes it up to Brick by making up a different ending, overall, Brick and Axl have a neutral relationship.

Sue Heck[]

Sue Heck and Brick have a good bond when they have to help each other such as figuring out how to cover up the hole in Sue's wall twice, or Sue trying to sound like Frankie on the phone calling Kevin's parents to say that Brick can't attend his son's birthday party which he constantly messes up. When Axl had to look after a baby doll for his school homework, he wasn't very good at it, and the baby doll was constantly crying. Brick moved into Sue's bedroom for a bit as he could not sleep with all the crying. Sue and Brick decided to keep throwing objects at Sue's wall next to Axl's room to cause the baby to keep crying to wind Axl up. But their fun turned into a nightmare when the wall started to crack and ended up becoming a huge hole in the wall. They covered up the hole with Sue's posters, but Sue later confessed in an episode of season 2 when Mike came to punish Sue for seeing an adult film with Carly (which Sue already felt bad about and kept pleading to be punished more). In season 3 Mike's friend and Co-Worker Dave fixed the hole in the wall for the Hecks. But in season 4, when Sue and Brick bought an old vault from an antique shop hoping there would be a ton of money inside. This caused them to create another giant hole in the wall. It is unknown when the wall got fixed again. Another big hole in the wall was created in Season 8 when Brick and Sue were fighting over Sue's room. Sue had allowed Brick to stay in her room over the summer while visiting Dollywood, but Brick wouldn't move back out after the summer. Sue locked herself in her room, and Brick (dressed as a bowling pin for Halloween) broke through the wall where the hole is always created and created another huge hole. Mike told everyone to go back into everyone's original bedrooms.

Brick dressed up as a bookmark

When Axl and Sue fight in church and Mike accidentally whips a book at an old lady's head aiming for Axl, they are called in to have a talk with the new reverend, who says that he can have one-on-ones with people. Just about ready to go, Brick admits that he feels invisible, which leads Brick to have a one-on-one. Reverend brings them back in, and when Brick's supposed to tell them what he told the reverend, Brick claims he would rather have wintergreen toothpaste which the family agrees to do. On top of that, they were starving and ready to go out to eat at King Arthur's. Almost always innocent, Sue admits that she got drunk and twerked at a party which led to Sue having a one-on-one with the reverend. When Brick asks, "Aren't parents supposed to sacrifice for their kids," Frankie takes a peppermint out of her purse and slides it across the floor. Brick tries it and hates it, and Frankie states it's wintergreen. Brick realizes he doesn't like wintergreen.


  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • Brick is similar to Dewey on Malcolm In The Middle (2000-2006) because Dewey is harassed by Malcolm & Reese, and Brick is harassed by Axl.
  • His favorite food is Doughnut Holes. (As mentioned by Sue in The Bee)
  • In The Telling, it is revealed that for many years Brick has been the family's snitch. In exchange for information about Axl and Sue, Frankie's been rewarding him with candy cigarettes.
  • He loves words with three syllables, such as basketball and pajamas.
  • It appears that Brick has a compulsive need to participate in various school events and extra tasks (another explanation might be a lack of assertiveness). However, due to his short-lived enthusiasm, he's never able to finish them, which always ends with Frankie doing it for him.
  • It's mentioned that Frankie and Mike did not mean to have him and therefore called him "Oops," until he was three.
  • Extreme amounts of sugar make Brick act and seem 'normal'.
  • In Bunny Therapy, Brick has stated that he must say "The Pledge of Allegiance" 20 times before he goes to bed.
  • In A Birthday Story, it is revealed that when he was a newborn, Brick was accidentally taken home by the Fergusons for a month because Mike was so distracted by a football game he wheeled the wrong baby out of the nursery.
  • He likes Lime Green Jello Salad, as revealed in Thanksgiving V.
  • His favorite science fiction book series is Planet Nowhere.
  • Up until season 6, Brick had a "tell" when lying (he would whisper, "I'm lying" to himself.
    • In season 6, he mentions that he no longer does that, and he now farts when he lies, but nobody notices.
    • However, in the season 7 episode "Thanksgiving VII", while playing poker with Mike, he commonly whispers "I'm bluffing".
  • One of his favorite things is fonts. He even ran a short-lived podcast on them and started a Font Club at school.
    • That podcast had only one fan, Jimmy Kimmel.
    • Font Club initially had only Cindy and Troy as members. It briefly gained a lot of members, including Gibson, when Brick got the club to give out credits, but these members quickly left.
  • In Year of the Hecks, it is revealed that Brick rolls up his pajama bottoms because he's afraid he will trip in his dreams.
  • He is the first child in the Heck family who made the National Honor Society, an accomplishment that made his parents very proud.
  • He has a pathological fear of riding over the covered-over bridge near his house, somehow escaping the car after every approach, so that his parents have had to take the long way home around it. Although Brick has overcome his fear, he can only manage walking over the bridge, not in the car.
  • Although it is never explicitly confirmed whether he believes in God, a minor running gag has him questioning the validity of a literal reading of the Bible.
  • He can play the French horn.
  • He, along with the rest of his family, appeared in all 215 episodes.
  • Brick says the final words of the show, where he whispers The Middle.