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Bill Norwood is one of the Heck's neighbors and close friends. He is the husband of Paula Norwood and has three children. The Norwoods moved into the neighborhood in Season 2 (Halloween). They invited all their new neighbors to their Halloween party (including the Hecks) to get to know each other.


Bill is a friendly man, and very neighborly. He has a good friendship with Mike Heck and Ron Donahue. He is also friends with Frankie and Nancy . Bill likes to watch the Colts with Mike. In more recent seasons, Bill has shown to be quite dramatic and often has small fights with Mike. The first time was in Season 8 "A Very Marry Christmas" when he bought a pair of sunglasses for Mike for Christmas. Mike was confused about this and didn't know how to react. Bill got offended when Mike didn't wear the sunglasses. In another episode in Season 8, "The Par-tay," when Mike and Frankie had Brick on the lookout for a plumber driving past so they could fix their pipes in the basement. When they spotted one and got him to fix their basement pipes, shortly after, Bill came round and started mouthing off about Mike using his plumber. He leaves, which Mike complains to Frankie about Bill overreacting about him using his plumber and starts to do an impression, not realizing Bill had come back to the door, which was wide open. Bill then brought up the drama about the sunglasses again. They eventually made up with each other.


Bill asked to borrow Mike's gas pump which was luckily right by the door. Bill asked if his daughter, Sue, would be interested in soccer tryouts. Sue, who tries out and fails at everything, decided she could use all of her equipment from her other sports for soccer. At the first practice, Bill lied that he had something big at work and Mike would have to become the coach. Bill said at least he knows the team's in good hands. Mike had to manage a team of overly dramatic teenage girls. Mike soon figured out Bill passed them off to him on purpose as he caught Bill watching practice from his car in a nearby parking lot. Mike managed to pass the team off to another dad and started to join Bill to watch the practices.


Bill and his Wife Paula have three children, a teenage boy (Axl's Age), a teenage girl and another girl called Ella. It was mentioned that they have a daughter in the episode Taking Back the House . She clearly was a teen because  Bill mentioned she wanted help with her Math homework, and she was doing algebra. It's mentioned that they have a son in Season 3 "The Test ". When the other moms were decorating a float with Frankie for Homecoming, they talked about the PSAT's. Paula says, "My son is a wreck.". We find out they have a 3rd child in Season 5, "The Carpool," when the Middle School bus drivers go on strike, so the school suggests parents organize carpools. Bill, Frankie, and Nancy organize their own carpool for their kids, Brick, Dotty, and Ella.


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  • Even though the Norwood's moved into the neighborhood in the Season 2 episode Halloween, Bill first appeared in a later episode Taking Back the House.
  • In Season 8, Axl had an interview for a job at the same company Bill works for. He was interviewed by Bill but unfortunately didn't get the job.
  • Bill and Paula were separated in The 200th.