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Axl Redford Heck (Born February 9, 1994) is a main character in The Middle (2009-2018). He is the mischievous, rebellious, athletic, lazy oldest child of Frankie and Mike, and the older brother of Sue and Brick. Axl is married to Lexie Brooks and is the ex-husband of April.


Axl is a freshman at Orson High in season 1, and then continued his education as a business major at East Indiana State University on a football scholarship. In season 5, Axl had a college roommate, Kenny, but then he started living with his friend and football teammate, Hutch, who he still lives with in Season 6. Some episodes later, Kenny returns in Axl and Hutch's college room. In Season 8, Axl began dating April, which culminated in their hasty (and ill-planned) marriage and subsequent annulment of said marriage. However, they continued dating. He and April stopped dating of Exes and Ohhhs after which, Axl developed a crush on Lexie. They started dating in The Par-tay. He and Lexie said their first “I Love You" in Mommapalooza. In the series finale, Axl and Lexie get married and have three boys that behave similar to himself as a teenager.


Axl is, in many ways, the stereotypical older brother: sarcastic, lazy, selfish, rude, and often mean to his siblings. He often does things without permission, expects others to pick up after him, moans whenever asked to do anything that resembles work, and would rather hang out with his friends than be with his family. However, he has a good heart like the others do, once forfeiting a basketball game to win back his ex-girlfriend, Morgan.

Axl, unlike his siblings, is apparently popular at school and highly social, being a star player on the Orson High School football team, yet he does not do well in school like they do. He has been suspended, sent to summer school, and, at one point, had Brick do a book report on Moby Dick for him only before he mentioned teaching him how to kick a ball.

With his constant problems and the multiple situations they land him in, Axl is arguably the most frustrating to deal with for Mike and Frankie, who wishes he would be more open with her, as he was apparently a very loving "momma's boy" when he was a child, something Frankie seems to want to recapture. In addition to his frequent selfishness, Axl is a bit of an egotist, often referring to himself as "awesome" and mentioning his high opinion of his looks.


In Season 1 Episode 11 "The Jeans," Axl dates a girl named Kate, but in Season 1 Episode 15 Valentine's Day he mentions they broke up. Later in the season, Axl maintained an on-off relationship with his "first love", Morgan, but eventually they broke up permanently. A recurring motif through his high school years consisted of him being tricked/otherwise misled into taking Weird Ashley to prom. In his senior year of high school, he was tutored by the valedictorian, Cassidy, and they began dating until they broke up in his freshman year of college. Later, he dated Devin Levin, the cousin of his mother's hairdresser. This ended when they mutually decided to see other people. In Season 8, he began dating April, the "love of his life". In Season 8 Episode 8 ("Trip and Fall"), after realizing that neither of their parents approved, they made the hasty and ill-advised decision to get married. The marriage was quickly nullified in Season 8 Episode 9 ("A Very Marry Christmas"). He broke up with April in Exes and Ohhhs. When he realized he had developed crush on Lexie. He started dating Lexie as of The Par-tay. He and Lexie said their first “I Love You”s in Mommapalooza. In the Series Finale, Axl and Lexie get married and have three boys that behave similar to himself as a teenager. 

Lexie And Axl saying goodbye, as Axl leaves for Denver.


  • His favorite color is green, according to Frankie in Year of the Hecks.
  • In high school, Axl wore number 32 in both football and baseball. While playing college football, he wore number 37.
  • Axl's favorite foods are donut holes, pizza, brownies, pancakes, chips, and fudge.
  • He is Mike's favorite child, due to Mike feeling that he has the most in common with Axl.
  • Axl attended the same elementary school as Brick, as seen in Year of the Hecks.
  • Axl repeated kindergarten.
  • He attended summer school after failing 11th grade English.
  • Axl is shown to care about Frankie (he, at one point, helped her when she went back to school).
  • He is almost always in his boxers when he's at home. During the summer when he was a lifeguard, he stayed in his boxers and went barefoot the entire summer. Unfortunately, Axl has very smelly feet; every time he goes barefoot it creates a stench that stinks up the area.
  • He was once suspended from school for skipping school and was forced to work at the quarry as punishment.
  • Between his two siblings, Axl appears to prefer Brick (as shown in the episode Twenty Years), and even tells Brick that he's Axl's favorite.
  • Although he is often mean to Sue, he's shown from time to time that he really does love her too, often when Frankie and Mike aren't around.
  • His first girlfriend, Morgan, broke up with him five times.
  • He is often sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Many times he is seen watching TV with only in his boxers.
  • Axl had a band with his friends, Sean and Darrin called Axl and the Ax-Men. Sue temporarily changed the name to DaSeanAx (Darrin+Axl+Sean).
  • He was married to April for a brief period of time beginning in Trip and Fall, but the marriage was quickly nullified in A Very Marry Christmas as the parents of both parties realized it was a bad decision. They officially broke up in Exes and Ohhhs because he doesn't feel like their right for each other and he really really likes Lexie Brooks, who he starts dating in The Par-tay.
  • Lexie is Axl’s longest relationship in the entire show, given that they eventually get married.
  • Appears in all 215 episodes of the show along with Frankie, Mike, Sue and Brick.
  • In the original version of the pilot, his name was Elvis. ("After Costello, not Presley")

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