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Personality & Appearance[]

April is very oblivious and, at times, downright stupid. For example, she walked into a glass sliding door twice in one go. Even the simplest of jokes, puns, or idioms frequently go over her head, with her misinterpreting them, taking them literally, or missing the joke entirely. She is described by Frankie as a "simpleton". However, she is shown to be caring and kind, such as when she defended Frankie to Axl.

Relationships []

Beginning in Season 8, she and Axl have maintained an ongoing relationship. It was announced in the Episode "Trip and Fall" in Season 8 that Axl married her. However, their marriage was nullified in the next episode, as neither her family nor the Hecks approved.

In addition, despite their disapproval of her relationship with Axl, she is shown to have good relations with her parents (with their view being that she could do much better).

She maintains good relations with the Hecks on the surface but is too oblivious to realize their disapproval for her relationship with Axl.

In "Exes and Ohhhs", Axl breaks up with April in the Winnebago, where things go smoothly until they're ready to go separate ways, but Sue needs to use the Winnebago to get to Sean. Sue won't stop to let them out, so the newly broken up couple spend an awkward drive back to Orson together.



Season 8[]

The Core Group

Halloween VIII: The Heckoning

Thanksgiving VIII

Trip and Fall

A Very Marry Christmas

Hoosier Maid

Exes and Ohhhs