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A Heck of a Ride is the twenty-third and twenty-fourth episode of season nine and aired on May 22, 2018. It is the series finale.


After nine hilarious and heartfelt seasons, a Heck leaves the nest as the family takes a road trip to Denver, where Axl will start his new job – and a new life away from home.


As Axl gets ready to leave for his new job in Denver, Frankie tries to put on a brave face. Each of the other Heck family members also prepares for their new life without him. As part of a game, Axl gives Sue his car as her 21st birthday present, while Brick measures Axl's room and then blocks off his bedroom with a bookshelf. The three Heck siblings share a moment in Axl's car on the night before Axl leaves for Denver. Meanwhile, as the airport security stops Sean Donahue at the airport en-route to Ghana, they discover the snow globe Sue snuck into his duffel bag with a love note, which causes him to rush home to finally tell Sue how he feels about her. Sean's mom tells him Sue has left for Denver. Sean tracks down the Hecks and tells Sue that he needs to know how she feels about him, so Sue kisses him. Sean leaves for the airport, and the Hecks get back in the car and head to Denver sans the blue bag. The show jumps to the future where Axl is back in Orson and married to Lexie with 3 boys who act just like him, Brick is a successful author, and Sean and Sue are married. Frankie's final epilogue is that they never won the lottery or fix the wallpaper, replaced the hole in the wall, or washing machine, but the Hecks sure had a lot.